China city Canton Guangzh

Commonly known as Canton, Guangzhou is the third largest city in China. Today the city is wrapped in modernism but if you take a glimpse into its vibrant past, it will take you back in time to the Qin Dynasty of 214 BC. The city’s strategic location between Macau and Hong Kong has made it a popular destination amongst both business travelers and tourists alike. Not very long ago Canton demonstrated rampant urbanization with tasteless architecture and congested traffic jams but at present the city has been stripped of its unattractive appearance and given a delightful makeover. The Canton you see today is a fast moving city with exquisite architecture and cosmopolitan edge. However, the city still offers a glimpse of its vibrant history and does not fail to satisfy the travelers who are thirsty for Canton culture and tradition.
Apart from many other things Guangzhou is most popular for the wide array of Cantonese cuisines that it offers. Here are the top four things you can see, do and experience during your stay in Canton.

Be a culture vulture

If you visit a city with so much of historical heritage, it is simply a waste not to discover some of its beautiful culture. Even if you’re not so much the ‘culture vulture’ traveler, we recommend you check out at least few locations.

Dine like a local
Admire the architecture
Go on a shopping spree
Catch cheap flights to China
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