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A holiday in Jamaica!

Discover the cheapest flight to Jamacia from Colombo and find your holiday rhythm in the breathtaking island nation located in the Caribbean. Enjoy happy days, full-filled  nights and make your dream holiday a reality in the paradise of Jamaica. Bring out the wildlife enthusiast in you and discover the magic of the island’s rainforests, meet friendly people, go on a hike to the Blue Mountains, watch the sunset over the Caribbean Sea and move your feet to the rhythm of reggae – in Jamaica!


Dunn’s River Falls

Those who enjoy gifts from Mother Nature will appreciate Dunn’s River Falls, one of Jamaica’s National treasures. This is one of the major attractions in the Caribbean that attracts thousands of visitors annually. You can climb the waterfall with the help of guides, which will take about to one and a half hours hours time.

Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains rise up to 7500 ft and are some of the highest in the Caribbean. You can embark on a natural trail in the lush green mountains with its cool and misty climate. Large amounts of coffee are grown here and Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the most  expensive and well sought-after coffee varieties in the world.



To enjoy partying and water sports Negril beach is one of the best spots. Negril beach is one of the best spots in Jamacia to enjoy partying and water spaorts. You find many street food vendors and local restaurants here gets really crowded during national holidays.


The Cosmos Beach is less crowded and you can enjoy some privacy here. Even though the beach and atmosphere are almost identical to Negril it is far more secluded than its counterpart.


Bob Marley

If there is one thing (or person) that is synonymous with Jamaica it is the legendary musician Bob Marley. Whether you like his music or not you can go to see the legend’s birth and final resting place in Nine Mile. There is a Bob Marley Mausoleum showcasing his guitars, awards and photographs. His body too was buried here  along with his guitar in a marble mausoleum inside a church in that area.


Dolphin Cove

This is Jamaica’s number one marine attraction and the largest natural dolphin lagoon in the world. You can swim with the dolphins and watch other stingrays and shark shows while you relax.

Travelling to Jamaica

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