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Narita is mainly known as the home of Japan’s main international airport, but the city has a plethora of many pleasing surprises for travellers.
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Here are few well-known attractions in Narita that you can visit during your visit.

Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple

Dating back to 800 AD, the Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple is a large temple with various Japanese pagodas and halls. To get to the temple you need to pass the giant shopping complex Omote-sando from the Narita station.

Sakura-no-Yama Hill

Just as you leave the airport you find the Sakura-no –Yama Hill which is a park with many cherry blossom trees. You get a wonderful view of aircrafts landing and taking off from the park.

Museum of Aeronautical Sciences

This is an aviation museum located outside the famous Narita Airport. The museum displays many real aircrafts and activities for aircraft enthusiasts as well as non-enthusiasts. You find replicas of historic planes and components of modern planes on display inside the museum. On the third floor you find an observation deck with a complete view of the Airport’s southern end.

Boso No Mura

Boso No Mura or Boso Village is an open air museum that focuses on showing visitors the local lives and crafts of the people living in the Boso region of Chiba Prefecture. The atmosphere of the museum is of a typical local village during the Edo Period from 1603-1867. This man made village includes merchant houses, workshops and farms.
Visitors are able to participate in various traditional work including blacksmithing, papermaking, tea ceremony or even try on a Japanese armor. This is a great place to buy some souvenirs and photographs to take back home.

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