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Male is the capital city and commercial hub of Maldives. The city is highly populated with over seventy thousand people living within 1.77 square kilometres of land area. This immaculately clean and tiny island is the main business centre of Maldives but it is also the home of historical sites that date back to 5000 B.C. The city of Male is a fascinating place with its tall thin buildings surrounded by turquoise waters and an urban vibe that is different from the typical tropical holiday atmosphere that Maldives is known for.

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Explore the Historical Sites

Hukuru Miski or Friday Mosque is the most renowned mosque in Maldives. Built in 1656, it is one of the first mosques to be constructed in the country. Even though there are many other mosques in the country this is the one attended by the Sultans. The architecture of the building is magnificent and it is one of the main tourist attractions in Male.

Parks and Museums

The Sultan Park is a large green spot on the island that is barely occupied except on Fridays. The park is open to the public everyday and you can enjoy a stroll anytime. The National Museum is located in the park, and you find various  artefacts reflecting the life of the Sultans and the pre-Islamic times of the country.
You also find a mosque called Kalhu Vakaru Miski located within the park.

Food Markets

You find the freshest seafood in the world at the Male Fish Market. If you go on a busy day then you will find the tiled floors pilled with tuna, skipjack and many other varieties of freshly caught fish. The prices of the fish fluctuate according to the availability.
The fruit and vegetable market is found next door. You can see the different varieties of local fruits and veggies here. Since the use of alcohol in public is prohibited in the Maldives it is fascinating to see the intoxicating betel leaves, areca nut and white lime combo being sold here.

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