Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka

A holiday at Hikkaduwa is your classic tropical holiday on an active strip of golden sand and turquoise sea. Hikkaduwa has come a long way from its solitary beach days, as it has been one of Sri Lanka's famous tourist hotspots. A lively little town, the locale is welcoming and well accustomed to tourists both local and foreign. You will find Hikkaduwa interesting and busy all around the year with its close proximity to the Galle road and easy access to the capital.

The Marine Sanctuary

FindMyFare can take you to see the envied stunning reef of Coral, known to be Asia's best at the Hikkaduwa marine sanctuary. You can even wade around along with colourful schools of fishes as the water is clear, shallow and warm. Dive in to discover the exotic world beneath the blue, with nothing to be afraid of, because the sea creatures in Hikkaduwa are just as friendly as its people.

Snorkeling and Surfing

Snorkeling is nothing short of amazing in Hikkaduwa. The clear waters can fool you to believe that you're wading in lost kingdom of the sea, where FindMyFare can even help you explore some of the famous wrecks hidden in some parts of this stretch. If you're lucky even a turtle might join you out there in the shallow waters closer to the mainland and if you're really lucky, the turtles may even visit you on the shore sometime, where tourists are encouraged to feed them.
For the wave hunter in you, the warm water base gives you the perfect setting for all your adventurous surfing dreams, especially in the season beginning from November and stretching up to March. As for the not so adventurous beginners, a little southward, away from the marine sanctuary, is the perfect place for an amateur's wave, as the waves aren't too big or scary.

Around Hikkaduwa

Owing to its holiday hotspot vibe, the area in and around Hikkaduwa is full of little adventures, be it shopping for exotic souvenirs or looking for a bit of culture. Slightly away from Hikkaduwa is a traditional moonstone mine where you can observe a day in a miner's life. Traditional Sri Lankan ornaments carved out of wood are another specialty you will find here as the artistry is unique to Southern Sri Lanka. If you're looking for a bit of upbeat fun, you will not be disappointed as the area offers a range of entertainment that fits all pockets.

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