Mirissa Sri Lanka

If you are to truly enjoy Mirissa, your busy lifestyle should be left where it belongs. Mirissa is a quiet little town, and its beach is one of those rare solitary beaches of Sri Lanka. Set in the view of a beautiful cape, it is a small crescent of a beach serving as the cradle for its fishing community.

The Beach

Idyllic days are what you are in for at the Mirissa Beach. With most services suggested by FindMyFare, a little away towards the Weligama Bay, you can catch up on your reading and tanning as nothing disturbs you here. Mirissa is a place people come to enjoy the soft blue sands and to send all their worries away with the gentle waves that touch their feet. The sunsets and the sunrises are an indulgence not to be missed. If solitude, the sun and the beach is your call, then the beach at Mirissa is where you should be.

Whale Watching

It's unlikely that you will get bored of the beaches in Mirissa, but if you are looking to stir things up, Whale Watching is the first thing that you should opt for. Calm and subdued seas from October to April make the optimal season for Whale Watching in Mirissa. Famous for blue whale and sperm whale citing, Mirissa is also a place to go watching out for Spinner, Striped, Bottlenose and Spotted dolphins.

For the colourful souls

If you fancy a bit of colour in your stay, you can opt to witness the masked dance named the Gam Maduwa, in the fishing hamlets of Mirissa. Wearing traditional 'kolam' masks, (artistry unique to the southern part of the island) people gather at a temple to seek blessings and offer thanks for their humble earnings from the sea. Also to watch out for are the 'Devil dances' where masked dancers battle unseen forces to cure ill health, with colour, fire, exotic incense, and rigorous dance, a sight to not to be missed.

Stilt Fishermen

The photo catcher in you might come across a number of stilt fishermen, craftily balancing themselves on wooden stilts, rising from the sea. A traditional and deteriorating practice of fishing, it is a picture worth capturing early in the morning, with the sun just behind these fishermen giving way to a new day.

Snorkeling and Surfing

Yes, among other things, Mirissa offers snorkeling too. A dip underwater will introduce you to exotic fishes, and quite frankly a whole new undisrupted world underwater; a perfect way to score the area out, if you decide to ride a wave or two. With less populated beaches, it is a great place for the wave worshippers to catch a break.

Offshore Island

Towards the eastern end of the Mirissa beach is a secluded little island. On a good day when the tide is low and the current is subdued, pretend to be Columbus and simply wade up to the undiscovered little island. If the tide is high, you can opt for the trek along the mainland towards the stranded little islet. The sunsets here will make a lasting impression in your holiday diaries.

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