Nuwara Eliya Sri Lanka

While the rest of Sri Lanka has come a long way from its Colonial days, Nuwara Eliya clearly has not. With the splendid landscape of rolling Blue Mountains and green carpets of tea strewn all over, the city was the heart of Colonial Sri Lanka. From its British architectural impressions to the country like meadows, the city impersonates an old British village, perhaps owing to its cool climate of which the Colonial administers were quite fond of. Nuwara Eliya was founded to be more of a hill country retreat where the British could find a bit of home in Ceylon and could dip themselves in their typical British past times. Following suit most locals today seek for the ideal getaway in Nuwara Eliya, simply because everything is just different in this city.

The Hakgala Botanical Gardens

History suggests that this was the herb garden of the mythical King Ravana, believed to be well versed in Ayurveda medicine. Therefore the gardens are home to indigenous herbs and plants. It's quite a breathtaking work of art, with an interesting collection of flora from around the world. Built beneath the silhouette of a large rock, giving its name; 'Hakgala', it is landscaped in several terraces and offers fantastic viewpoints from each terrace, especially of the Namunukula mountain range.

It's all about the Tea

A visit to the well manicured Tea estates of Sri Lanka are a must in your travel itinerary. An industry which came into being entirely by chance today boasts of being a key foreign exchange earner for Sri Lanka. The world renowned Ceylon Tea experience will take you around the estates, for a trek among the bushes. The countless estates will provide you with an opportunity to learn how the fresh plucked leaves make it all the way to your tea cup.

The Waterfalls

The waterfalls of Nuwara Eliya are a beauty not to be missed. Silver cascading beauties, most of them have vibrant folklore to match their splendor. Among them are Lovers Leap, St. Claire's and Devon Falls.

Gregory Lake

A little away from the town is a beautiful man-made lake called the Gregory Lake. Built by a British Governor William Gregory, was built with the intention of giving electricity to the city but soon after its construction was also used for recreational purposes. Following these footsteps, recreation is readily available at this lake today, be it an air taxi ride or a floating away on a boat.

Golfers' delight

The golfers out there will be charmed by this scenic Golf course, the best in South Asia. Nestled among picturesque mountains and tea estates, a few steps into the Golf Club in Nuwara Eliya are all it takes to take your breath away.

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