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How you can pay at Cargills

Now you can make your booking and make the payment through any cargills food city outlets island wide.

  1. Book your travel product online

    1. Search for any travel product.

    2. Select preferred search option.

    3. Enter Traveller details.

  2. Make Payment at Cargills Outlet

    1. You can walk into any Cargills Food City outlet.

    2. You should fill the " Cargills Cash Deposit Slip".

    3. It is a must to write your correct Booking ID in the Slip.

    4. Refer below sample "Cargills Cash Deposit Slip".

  3. Receive E-ticket/voucher

    1. E-ticket/voucher will be sent to you once the payment receive via Email.

The Process at Cargills Food City Counter

  1. Your Customer / Your Agent walk into any Cargills Food City outlet to make the payment.
  2. Customer fills “Cargills Cash Deposit Slip”.

(It is not required to give findmyfare Cargills Bank Account number to the CFC Cashier)

Visualization of the payment slip you will use at the counter.

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