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Visa allows people to visit countries for a holiday or to visit family and friends or for short business visits. Visitor Visas are granted for a specific duration depending on the applicant circumstances at the time of application. They can be single entry visas, permitting just one entry into a country or they can be granted for multiple visits should you have a necessity to visit a number of times within a specified period. The multiple entry visas are generally aimed at business people, however, anyone can apply for such status with a valid reason. has extended our services for providing Consultancy on Visa Procedures. This will ensure a traveler to receive information on particular visas & its regulations, advice & access to obtain relevant documents needed for the entire visa process, & visa applications. This service can be utilized by travelers who plan to visit countries that secure Embassy's that require the traveler himself to apply for their visas.

The company has expertise and experience in following visa categories such as Tourist Visa Applications, Appeals of Rejected Visas, Business visa and Transit visa.

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