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Q1) What is a connecting flight?
Connecting flights have immediate stops at transit airports and a change of aircrafts or change of airlines.

Q2) What is a non-stop flight?
Non-stop flight flies from city to city without any stops.

Q3) What is a transit airport?
A transit airport is a place where you land to make a flight change or an airline change. And you are strictly not allowed to leave the airport. You can find detailed information regarding your transits in your e-ticket.

Q4) What is the maximum number of seats per booking?
6 seats per booking.

Q5) What are the different classes that can be booked on findmyfare?
The usual 3 classes namely economy, business and first class (this option depends on the airline) can be booked.

Q6) Can we book tickets for infants on findmyfare?
Yes, tickets can be booked for infants. However for an infant to travel there are certain requirements to be met. These requirements are as follows:

  • The infant should be accompanied by an adult with a minimum age of 18 years.
  • The infant must be below the age of 2 years when travelling.
  • You can only book for one infant per adult.
  • When travelling, every passenger accompanying an infant should carry a valid passport.

  • Q7) Can we book for children on findmyfare?
    Yes, you can book for children but they have to be within the age limit of 2-12 years.

    Q8) How many children can an adult accompany with him?
    Any number of children.

    Q9) What is an e-ticket?
    An electronic ticket (e-ticket) is a digital ticket that will be sent you via email, which you need to print out. The e-ticket includes the PNR number and the travel Itinerary

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