Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a connecting flight?

A: Connecting flights have immediate stops at transit airports and a change of aircrafts or change of airlines.

Q: What is a non-stop flight?

A: Non-stop flight flies from city to city without any stops.

Q: What is a transit airport?

A: A transit airport is a place where you land to make a flight change or an airline change. And you are strictly not allowed to leave the airport. You can find detailed information regarding your transits in your e-ticket.

Q: What is the maximum number of seats per booking?

A: 6 seats per booking.

Q: What are the different classes that can be booked on findmyfare?

A: The usual 3 classes namely economy, business and first class (this option depends on the airline) can be booked.

Q: Can we book tickets for infants on findmyfare?

A: Yes, tickets can be booked for infants. However for an infant to travel there are certain requirements to be met. These requirements are as follows:

  • The infant should be accompanied by an adult with a minimum age of 18 years.
  • The infant must be below the age of 2 years when travelling.
  • You can only book for one infant per adult.
  • When travelling, every passenger accompanying an infant should carry a valid passport.

Q: Can we book for children on findmyfare?

A: Yes, you can book for children but they have to be within the age limit of 2-12 years.

Q: How many children can an adult accompany with him?

A: Any number of children.

Q: What is an e-ticket?

A: An electronic ticket (e-ticket) is a digital ticket that will be sent you via email, which you need to print out. The e-ticket includes the PNR number and the travel Itinerary

Q: How will I know if my booking has been confirmed?

A: A confirmation will be sent to you via e-mail.

Q: How will get e-ticket?

A: Once the booking process is completed, you'll be redirected to the homepage where you can print the e-ticket directly from the site or you can print it from the confirmation sent your e-mail address.

Q: What do I do with my e-ticket?

A: Your printed e-ticket confirmation has to be shown at the check-in- counter and the boarding pass will be handed over to you by airline representative.

* Note: Make sure you carry your e-ticket with you at all times since certain airports don't allow entry without a printed e-ticket.

Q: What is my baggage allowance?

A: Passenger baggage could be of two types:

  • Cabin baggage
  • Checked in baggage

Each of the above has their own weight restrictions which varies according to each airline. If your baggage weight exceeds the permitted limit you will be required to pay for the excess luggage. This payment amount will also vary from airline to airline.

Q: How do I cancel my booking?

A: Please submit your cancellation request via our customer support page no later than 24 hours prior to departure.

Q: What are the cancellation fees?

A: The cancellation fees varies from airline to airline, for further details regarding cancellation fees please send us a request via our customer support page.

Q: In case of a cancellation how soon do I need to do it?

A: Please submit your cancellation request via our customer support page no later than 24 hours prior to departure.

Q: How will I receive my money after the cancellation has been done?

A: We will credit the amount back to your account after deducting the cancellation charges from the refund amount.

Q: What is rescheduling?

A: If a need arises for you to change time, date or destination of the ticket it is called rescheduling.

Q: Can I reschedule my ticket through

A: Yes, please submit your request via our customer support page no later than 24 hours prior to departure.

Q: Can I change the return date from the traveling destination?

A: Yes. To make a Re-scheduling please submit your request via our customer support page no later than 48 hours prior to departure.

The date can be changed. Contact the nearby outlet of the selected carrier or contact their hotline in the destined country.

Q: Is there any charges for rescheduling?

A: Yes. It varies from airline to airline.

Q: What is price matching?

A: In online market provides the lowest rates to consumers. We guarantee it. If a customer finds lower rates than ours in online and submit evidence for it, we will match the price immediately. This is price matching.

Q: How do I prove it?

A: If a customer finds a lower rate than us to a destination than ours, he/she must first send a print screen snap to our customer service representative and call us immediately. If find the option to be true under required conditions it will match the price.

Q: What are the condition need to be fulfilled to attain a Price Matching?
  • The price must be compared only between the quotations that are generated simultaneously.
  • The program includes 'all the flights' option not only 'direct flight' option.
Q: How do I know what type of credit card I am using?

A: Type of the card will be marked on the card itself. Check your card for logos or word indicating it. If it says Visa, it is a visa card. If it says Mastro, it is a master card and it says AmEx it is an American express card.

On can also identify the card type using the card number. If the first number of the 16 digit of the card is, 3 - American Express / 4 - Visa / 5 - Master

Q: What is card number?

A: The 16 digit number that is in the front of the card is the card number.

Q: What is the expiry date?

A: This is the date until which the card is valid. This normally printed under the card number. Expiry date consists a month and year digits. In new cards 'valid through' also used to indicate expiry date.

Q: What is card holder name?

A: The name in the left bottom of the card is card holder name. Enter it as it appears in the card.

Q: What is a CRC number?

A: CRC is a 3 digit number that appears in the back of the card.

Tips for inputting passenger name

Names must be entered exactly as they appear on your passport for immigration and security purposes. Failure to do so may delay your check-in, incur a change fee and at times may even result in prevention of your travel. Please refer below the tips for entering names correctly to avoid such inconveniences.

Name is too long

If in case the name is too long, enter the surnames and the other names as per the passport.

Names on travel document

Kiribandara Arachchilage Don Saranga Bandara Wedamullage

Name contains a suffix

Enter the first name followed by the suffix.

Names on travel document

Mark Smith Jr

Name contains special characters

Special characters such as hyphens, accents and apostrophes must be avoided when entering the name.

Name on travel document

Devon Charles-Anton

Other Scenarios

If in case names fall into the below scenarios contact us on [email protected] for assistance.
  • E.g:- Mark Smith
  • E.g:- Smith
  • E.g:- Mark B

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