Free Cancellation

Sometimes due to circumstances out of our control, you find that you cannot fly and need to cancel your booking, how should you go about it? Today we will answer this question and any doubts you may have when it comes to the Free Cancellation facility. An exclusive option that will allow customers to cancel any flight bookings made on

Travel advice

Do you have a travel-related question? Are you wondering where to go on vacation or are you unsure about the booking process? You're What, When Why, Where & How's. Whatever your demand, we are always happy to help.

At, you can speak directly with our travel experts. All the answers to all your questions! International flight booking, Local & international Hotel bookings & holiday packages.

Hold My Seat And Price guarantee

Make your travel planning easier and more relaxed, Hold My Seat (HMS). Reserve your seat, hold without any immediate payment, and make the payment on later date, within a Ticketing time limit (TTL). Use this option to help secure your seat for the future without worrying about a price-hike when the travel date nears or flight tickets selling out.

Book your flights with and hold your seat for free.

Travel Easy Instalment

Isn't this the most attractive offer? Book now and pay up to 36 Easy Installments with 0% Interest! introduces 3,6,9,12,24 & 36 easy installment plans with 0% interest by all your favorite banks. An exciting new feature for credit cardholders, this service ensures any luxury holiday doesn't burn a hole in your wallet when booked with

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