Cash On Delivery

Step 1

  1. Search flight.
  2. Select your preferred flight.
  3. Enter the travellers details.

Step 2

  1. Select the payment option as Cash On Delivery.
  2. Click "Make Reservation".

Step 3

  1. One of our customer service representative will contact you for the delivery details. If you do not receive a call, you may always feel free to contact us on our hotline 0117 24 7 365.
  2. You will be visited by one of the cash on delivery collection agent, for the cash collection. Upon, sucessful collection, you will be receiving a copy of your itinerary and a trust receipt from the cash on delivery collection agent.
  3. An E-ticket will be sent to you once the payment is realized.
IMPORTANT: The payment should be made 48 hours prior to the stipulated Ticket Time provided by the agent. For more info view our Terms and Conditions.
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