Lowest Fare Guarantee
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Lowest Fare Guarantee

For any Flight Booking on any Airline at any Time!
We will match any Airfare Quote & Refund you the Difference

At findmyfare.com we go out of our way to find you the perfect trip at the best price. With the expertise and experience we ensure the lowest fare on your Air Ticket! If you find a lower fare than what findmyfare offers, we will beat the fare and match the price for you!
In fact, we offer the lowest Air Fares in island, If we couldn’t, we will match any airfare quote! Make your booking with us with piece of mind!


How it Works?


  • Make a confirmed return air ticket reservation with the payment at findmyfare.com.
  • If any other agent or airline website offers a lower fare, obtain a valid quote clearly mentioning the fare, booking conditions, travel dates, number of passengers, airline & date of booking and travel.
  • Once you get the fare please fill in the lowest fare guarantee claim form.
  • Once the claim form is submitted a findmyfare agent will call you within two working days to confirm the details you have submitted.
  • Findmyfare will check the fare quotation you obtained for availability and booking conditions.
  • If the fare is as shown on the valid quotation and meets all applicable conditions of the lowest fare guarantee scheme, findmyfare will refund the difference.


Submitting a Claim


Please collect the following information before completing Lowest Fare Guarantee Claim Form
Lowest Fare Guarantee Claim Form
  • Your Findmyfare Booking ID/PNR Number
  • The Name & URL of the website of Travel Agency or Airline Website where you found the better fare
  • The Destination & Country
  • You can attach up to three screenshots of the competitor agency or Airline website in which the fare, booking conditions, travel dates, number of passengers, airline & date of booking and travel are clearly indicated.
  • PLEASE NOTE: You don't need to make a booking on the competitor website, just show us the comparison.


The Lowest Fare Guarantee excludes


  • This scheme excludes all one-way international tickets and waitlisted bookings.
  • Lowest fare guarantee is not applicable to fares published on the websites of any airline.
  • Lowest fare guarantee is not applicable on unpublished fares that are not available to the general public and fares that cannot be purchased on findmyfare.com.
  • Fares not available to the general public include special deals for corporates/companies, military, government, wholesaler, consolidator, opaque agencies and discount fares among others.
  • Lowest fare guarantee do not apply to package fares, such as airfares sold as part of a travel package, nor does it apply to airfares on another website that have been reduced as a result of promotional discounts, such as discount coupons, loyalty program discounts or fly free offers or if another travel agent, airline or an online travel agent is undercutting the system fares using any marketing promotion or from their marketing budget.
  • Lowest fare guarantee will not be applicable on tickets bought through auctions or offered to closed subscriber or membership groups.


Terms & Conditions

  1. The guarantee is valid only for published retail fares* for exactly the same flight(s), travel date(s), and travel itinerary for the same number of passenger(s).
  2. Fares must be in exactly the same cabin(s)/class (First, Business, and Economy) and carry exactly the same fare rules and restrictions.
  3. Passenger’s travel should originate from Sri Lanka.
  4. In order to be eligible for lowest fare guaranteed scheme, passenger must first make an online reservation with the payment on findmyfare.com & then find an airfare that is available to the general public from another travel agent or an online travel agent that is lower. Customer can fill in the details requested in the claim form to enter to this offer.
  5. Promotional fares on other travel agencies or airline websites will not be valid to be applied for a claim.
  6. Lowest fare guarantee scheme will not be applicable for bookings that are rescheduled, cancelled or refunded.
  7. To be eligible for the challenge, passenger must fill in the details within 24 hours from the date of booking their Air Ticket from findmyfare.com. Passenger is required to obtain a printed confirmation of such airfare quote with airfare price, booking conditions, travel dates, number of passengers, airline and date of quote clearly mentioned.
  8. Late submissions of competitor quotes (submissions after 24 hours) will not be considered.
  9. If the competitor quotes are lower and will match all the requirements of lowest fare guarantee scheme, the refunds will be made to customers within 10 working day.
  10. Findmyfare reserves the right to withdraw, modify or change all or any of the rules, terms & conditions applicable to this promotion at any given time without prior notice.
  11. If any dispute arises regarding any of the terms and conditions contained herewith, the decision of Findmyfare shall be considered final.
  12. Other general Findmyfare Terms and Conditions apply.
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